le mie poesie tradotte in inglese da ARCANGELA ROSSI



Never proudly




Do you remember when we used to jump in the backyard


When the future and our dreams


Were wider than memories?




And the games we played under the stairs?


I reached out for you and you ran away


And if you came close to me I turned red




And all the promises


of our life together:


children, a house, getting old…


A well-known script,


like playing dolls,


nothing of course happened


a slow, joyful, flow of time.




Of all those fanciful turns


nothing of course happened


And after some time


we no longer saw each other.


My family moved to another house


and distance removed our dreams


Just as it was meant to be, as it always happens..




Only a slight memory


tightly held among other following memories.


However, now and then I turn back to those days,


when the two of us knew but three words,


I do not care about the dreams, the promises,


imagination, what was not meant to be.




All I know is that


ever since nothing has been so pure,


what I care for is the strength of my willingness to seek


what I care for is that respectful reaching out to touch you


and how beautiful our shyness was,


our modesty, our fresh lack of fear




and our embarrassment…


Thanks to you, to the first games we played.


I have loved a lot but never proudly.






autore: Abner Rossi


titolo originale: Senza Arroganza


traduzione in inglese curata da Arcangela Rossi








It looks like rain




Lost in lethe and disregard


querying deep into Seasons


using new tools


new approaches


reading unwritten pages and stories


of peoples, generations , civilizations


lost by now .




Imagining what comes afterwards:


a hunch ,a zestful mystery


a framework




Only the loop of a chain


coming from afar,


living and then leaving behind,


fearing death


but taking this law


for granted and sacred




Merely ,


having no choice


and putting together, in a lifetime,


the past which turns into present


drawing continuity and difference


only to be lunged into a future


still unknown.




That is what it has always been


but now it is all denied


and somebody thinks


he is history,


somebody believes he is the sum,


the where the how.




In our unhopeful times


puffed up shadows


and roles


and the playing of a part


that no good director has ever casted


go up in value




Now the skies look threatening,


those of tomorrow smell like smoke


and particles ,


and solitude turning into rain.




The eyes of the people


lack light




It is the lack of


awareness of a memorable past,


of legacy, of brotherhood.




The lost feeling


of an eternal dance.






autore: Abner Rossi


titolo originale: Il cielo minaccia pioggia


traduzione in inglese curata da Arcangela Rossi


The kiss




I have no idea


why I fell in love


Perhaps I remember when


at least I thinkI do


You know my time slips away,


stops, often turns back,


spins the cards between short passions


and long deception



Time takes notes on my face


writes stories that seem to be never-ending


And then clears them away.



Mine is a strange time


It turns on lights that brighten the dark


It makes me blind and then turns them off.



Indeed I remember how very well


It is evermore timeless present


banal, intense, not at all original,


as common as lightening falling down


upon my shadows and giving them life



I dare say it was, is, and will always be definite ,


But it is much more than this:


It is the dream of a man


who did not believe in dreams


and who had long given up dreaming love.



Nor were you a surprise,


You need time for surprises and we had none.



I was on my own,


I was thinking of something else


And just like all things that happen


suddenly, I kissed you.




autore: Abner Rossi


titolo originale: Il bacio


traduzione in inglese curata da Arcangela Rossi




One more mistake ( un errore in più)




It’s dawn


and sleep is not coming


my thoughts are weary too




Everything is fixed at yesterday evening:



The trains of the nearby station



tread on the tracks more noisily,



the old alarm clock has gone mad



and keeps on ringing,



the noises from the street



break through the walls tonight




It looks like a plot



I feel an alien in my own bed



There is so much fuss



something I had not noticed before



something that moves in weirdly



something that spins in a circle



though staying still




I guess my usual world,



The one I have slowly and laboriously fought for,



is going through an unusual chaos ,



is waiting for you to come back




Time is not ! Time makes no stops



It has no mercy even for itself



It builds distance, flees,



Walks away




You and I are only an episode



one of the many mistakes it has come through



sometimes you can make countless mistakes



sometimes only one and that’s the end of it all.




autore: Abner Rossi


titolo originale: Un errore in più


traduzione in inglese curata da Arcangela Rossi







At times a soft dark line appears in the distance ,


almost a shadow,


Like waves and then fades away


questioning everything, even sight



Too many mirages have caught me


Many a false and deceptive vision


and the anchors I pulled on board.



Still it is my land I am looking for :


I see it, I often dream of it


I imagine it moonlit


Just like the night I left the port behind.



autore: Abner Rossi


titolo originale: Terra


traduzione in inglese curata da Arcangela Rossi

  1. 18 agosto 2014


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